Gestpay becomes Axerve Ecommerce Solutions


Axerve Ecommerce Solutions api REST offer various services that allow both the management of single payments and of all information linked to the merchant profile.

Before using the service you must configure your account and create the apikey that will be used for the authentication; the instructions on how to proceed can be found in the next page.

The various services are divided into four sections: Check, Dashboard, Payment and Shop. The main section is Payment and it offers all methods needed to create and process a payment. The two main parts of the payment are “create” and “submit”. All other parts are optional.

Sometimes, when alternative payments are used, could be unecessary to call payment/submit, becouse the payment will be performed from the external payment system.

All other payment methods allow to work on the payment once it has been created. For additional information on “create”, “submit”, and other methods you can check the api documentation in the Payment API section.

Test environment

The test environment is totally identical to that of the production, but the transactions are simulated and are not real. The endpoint are: