Gestpay becomes Axerve Ecommerce Solutions


In case of MyBank payment method, there is one more step for the buyers before being sent to the third-party processor: they must choose their bank from a list of participating banks.

Merchants can embed this phase in their websites, in order to manage the payment method choice and provide their buyers with the same experience of direct connections to the third party processors.

This can be done through a feature called “Payment Type Detail”.

Merchants are free to use this option or not: if they do not use it and they simply set <paymentType>MYBANK</paymentType> in their call to Encrypt method of WsCryptDecrypt web service, then the buyer will find in Axerve Ecommerce Solutions a page where it will choose its bank among those available for that kind of payment.

Merchants who want to use “Payment Type Detail” for MyBank must be able to show to their buyers the list of the banks available for that kind of Payment.

They can store the list of those banks in their local storage and keep it updated by periodically calling the methods CallMyBankListS2S of WsS2S web service.

These methods will return a list of banks made like this:

    <BankName>Name of Bank 1</BankName> 
    <BankName>Name of Bank N</BankName> 

There is no need to update the lists of the banks for each transaction.

Could be necessary to update the list every day, becouse the banks partecipating to MyBank can change dayly.

The update should consist of a complete replacement of each list with the new values returned by WsS2S web service.

The merchant page should show the list of the BankNames and use the corresponding BankCode.

The BankCode must be used for paymentTypeDetail tag, while calling the Encrypt method of WsCryptDecrypt web service, as a value for MyBankBankCode, depending on the payment method. For example, for a MyBank transaction for which the buyer has chosen “Name of Bank X”, the merchant should call encrypt method with, among the others, these values: