Gestpay becomes Axerve Ecommerce Solutions

Magento 2.x

Banca Sella PRO allows to connect the Magento checkout page with Axerve. Axerve Ecommerce Solutions PRO has three different integration modes:


Banca Sella PRO has been tested with these versions:

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions does not guarantee compatibility with other 3rd party plugins that interfere with the checkout process.

Download and Install

The plugin can be downloaded from Magento’s marketplace.

Recently, Magento made some changes to their marketplace and no longer allows direct downloads of the zip file. Instead, it automatically manages the installation via Composer.
In case of problems with the installation, if a “memory allocation” error is shown, it could be caused by a PHP version that is too old.
Here is a configuration that works:

  • Xampp Version: 7.2.34 x64
  • Php Version: 7.2.34 x64

If the problem persists, please contact Axerve customer support to request the zip file for manual installation.

Install via Web Setup Wizard (only 2.4.1 and previous version)

On the admin sidebar, tap System. Then under Tools choose Web Setup Wizard.

Tap Component Manager. Then, click the Sign In link in the upper-right corner.

When prompted, paste the Public Access Key and Private Access Key from your Marketplace account. Then, tap Sign In .To learn more, see: Access Keys.

To synchronize Component Manager with your Marketplace purchases, tap Sync. It might take a few minutes. When the process is complete, the number of new purchases appears with the date and time the store was last synchronized.

In the Marketplace Purchases section under New Purchases, click Install. In the Extensions Grid, mark the checkbox of the extension you want to install. Then in the Action column, click the Install link for the item.

Install via ZIP File (all versions)

Extract the content of the zip download from the Magento Marketplace file on your hard disk.

In your Magento root directory, find the folder app/code. If code is missing, create it.

Now, inside code, create the directories Axerve/BancaSellaPro.

Inside BancaSellaPro, copy the content of the zip file: you should see Controllers, Cron, … folders along with composer.json and registration.php file.

Then, launch this command (on mac and linux):

$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade

For the Windows platform, you shall write php bin\magento setup:upgrade. From now on all commands will be specified for mac/linux. The command will show a list of Magento2 modules. If you see Module 'Axerve_BancaSellaPro': in the output, then the module has been installed.

After this, you need to re-compile and deploy static files with these commands:

$ php bin/magento setup:di:compile

$ php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

After that extension should be ready for configuration in admin.


Once logged in in Magento, select Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment methods and expand EasyNolo Banca Sella Axerve Ecommerce Solutions PRO section. Here is an example of the configuration section:


We will discuss now the single items.

Option Description
Enabled If set on Yes, this payment method is shown to the user in the payment page.
Payment Action This option sets how the payment is processed by Axerve Ecommerce Solutions. The choices are:

- Authorize Only: on payment, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions only performs a transaction authorization.

- Authorize and Capture: on payment, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions performs an authorization request together with the settlement of a transaction, using the Server-to-Server APIs if the setting Use S2S Sales API for Capture, Void, Refund actions is enabled. If on Axerve Merchant Back-Office M.O.T.O. setting is set to contextuality between authorization and settlement, a Magento Capture Offline should be manually performed for every order.
Title The payment method title that will be shown to the user at checkout.
Description A message shown in checkout before the user is redirected to Axerve Ecommerce Solutions payment page.
Shop Login The shop code given by Axerve Ecommerce Solutions. It identifies the merchant.
API Key Required for use Magento on the Cloud
Test Environment If enabled, transactions are processed in the test environment. To use the test environment you must also set the Test Shop Login).
Gateway Language The language to use in Axerve Ecommerce Solutions payment page.
Gateway Currency the currency to use for transactions. If the currency of the store is different from the one set in this configuration, the amount will be converted in the currency set, applying the exchange rate available in System > Manage Currency > Rates in Magento.
New Order Status The status a Magento Order should get after a payment.
Status of order canceled by Banca Sella by this setting you can choose the status of a cancelled order, if the payment is interrupted by Axerve Ecommerce Solutions.
Status of order confirmed by Banca Sella With this option you can set the status of an payed order.
Use S2S Sales API for Capture, Void, Refund actions If enabled, Capture, Void and Refund features are directly integrated in Magento, so that you don’t have to access Axerve Back-Office to do this.
Enable iFrame This setting permits the user to pay directly on the store checkout page, without being redirected to Axerve Ecommerce Solutions payment page.
Enable low risk profile Enable a limit risk level. If the low risk profile is active, you should configure:
  • Llow risk shop login: replace the shopLogin for the transaction whiout the Token and with amount under the threshold
  • Low risk threshold: under this value, the transaction use the low risk show login
Live payment URL the production url for payments.
Live S2S URL the production url for server-to-server calls.
Test payment URL the test url for payments.
Test S2S URL the test url for server-to-server calls.
Enable log if yes, logs messages in EasyNolo_BancaSellaPro file in Magento directory var/log.

LOG files

The logs are saved in the /var/log path, in the root folder of Magento.

Fraud Prevention

In Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment methods you can choose:

Alternative Payment methods

In Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment methods > EasyNolo Banca Sella Axerve Ecommerce Solutions Pro Alternative Payments you can also decide which payment methods to enable (fo example Alipay integration, Klarna integration, Paypal integration, Sofort integration and other)

Merchant Back Office Configuration

In Configuration > Environment > Response Address, set your configuration like this:

https://<< your domain >>/bancasellapro/gestpay/result/
https://<< your domain >>/bancasellapro/gestpay/result/
https://<< your domain >>/bancasellapro/gestpay/s2s

If your store has store codes in the URL, put it in the response URL:

https://<< your domain >>/it_IT/bancasellapro/gestpay/s2s

Here the store code is it_IT. The module will automatically identify the store where the purchase was made.

Some errors (404, 403) may be due to incorrect typing of the URLs (e.g. if www is missing from the address)

Authorization and Settlement of a transaction

Authorization request

With M.O.T.O. configuration, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions permits to separate the authorization and settlement phases. If enabled, the first transaction will be limited to the autorization request, else Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will settle the amount immediately.

The plugin works accordingly to this configuration, implementing Axerve Ecommerce Solutions S2S API for Settlement, Cancel and Refund. In case you are not using S2S services you have to manually settle the transaction in the merchant back office.


With the settlement operation the authorized amount will permanently be transferred to the merchant account. To use it, M.O.T.O. must be configured to separate the authorization from the settlement.

With this configuration Magento will create the order and, on checkout, it will block the necessary amount with the authorization operation (the merchant will receive an email from Axerve Ecommerce Solutions).

When the shop administrator requests the invoice, Magento will ask Axerve Ecommerce Solutions to settle the amount (and Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will send an email to the merchant).


Cancelling a transaction occurs when you cancel an authorized transaction. It can be performed only with M.O.T.O. configured to separate authorization and settlement. It can be performed only on transactions that are not settled. This operations can be performed by Magento backend via the panel Sales > Orders, select from list an Order that you want to cancel and press View and than press Cancel.


Refund is the operation of refunding a settlement. From a fiscal point of view it is a charge on the merchant account and a credit on the buyer’s card. This operation can be performed only on altready settled transactions.

A settled transaction can be refunded partially and more than once, until the total of the original amount is reached. These operations are done from Magento using the control panel Sales > Orders, select from list an Order that you want to refund and press View and than press Credit memos. Now scroll down to find Refund Totals.


Functionality Functions to be contracted and/or configured on the Backoffice
iFRAME iFrame
Card saving and token use
  • Tokenization
  • Authorization S2S
  • Enable TOKEN, TOKENEXPMONTH e TOKENEXPYEAR fields in “Fields & Parameters” section of Backoffice
Settle payments Cancel and settle S2S
Cancel payments Cancel and settle S2S
Refund Refund S2S
Riskified Riskified

Supported APM