Gestpay becomes Axerve Ecommerce Solutions

Card check

This operation makes it possible to check the card’s validity, like CallVerifyCardS2S, and to also get other info regarding the card.

It consists in sending data about the card (such as the card number and the expiration date) to the bank’s server and in receiving the result after processing by the bank’s server.

The correct WSs2s web service method to use for this purpose is callCheckCartaS2S. However, before using this method, it is necessary to assign all the information required:

If the flag withAuth is set to Y then Axerve Ecommerce Solutions uses these data to make a transaction request without affecting the account and returns the result of the operation; otherwise only the information about the card is returned back (like CallVerifyCardS2S).

After the callCheckCartaS2S method has been performed, it is possible to know the outcome of the operation by using the values in the relevant fields:

See the description for other fields in the API section.