Gestpay becomes Axerve Ecommerce Solutions

Card verification

This operation makes it possible to check the card’s validity. It consists in sending the card data (such as the primary account number and the expiration date) to Axerve Ecommerce Solutions and receiving the result after the checks.

The WSs2s web service method to use for this purpose is CallVerifycardS2S.

CallVerifycardS2S will also try to authorize the card using a very small amount.

This is the list of mandatory fields needed to verify the card:

The CallVerifyCardS2S method sends to Axerve Ecommerce Solutions all previously assigned data, which uses to make a transaction request without affecting the account and returns the result of the operation.

After the CallVerifyCardS2S method has been performed, it is possible to know the outcome of the operation by using the values in the relevant XML return: