Gestpay becomes Axerve Ecommerce Solutions

Settle an authorized payment

This is the financial confirmation operation which may follow a positive authorisation.

It exists only for merchants with a M.O.T.O. configuration when a separation between the authorisation and the settlement phase is anticipated. See the Authorization Request to read more about it.

The WSs2s method to be used for this purpose is CallSettleS2S, click to see the API.

However, before using this method, it is necessary to assign to CallSettleS2S arguments all the information required to securely identify the transaction to be settled.

A transaction may be uniquely identified by the pair shopLogin + bankTransId, where shopLogin is the merchant code and bankTransId is the code assigned to the transaction by Axerve Ecommerce Solutions.

It is however also possible to use the code assigned to the transaction by the merchant (shopTransID), taking care to ascertain that this code uniquely identifies a transaction; otherwise CallSettleS2S will return an error code referring to a Non-uniquely identified transaction.

As a transaction may also be settled for an amount which is less that the one authorised, it is necessary to assign to CallSettleS2S also the amount to be settled and the currency code in which this amount is expressed (obviously the currency may be the same as the authorised currency).

In order to do all this, it is sufficient to fill the following specific fields:

In order to know the result of this operation it is sufficient to consult the technical result by reading in the following fields in the response:

If the settlement request will receive a negative result due to technical problems the transaction state will change to PRE and the settlement will be done automatically by Axerve Ecommerce Solutions the first night after the request.