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Fraud prevention/RBA Banca Sella

RBA (Risk Based Authentication) by Banca Sella

For operations that do not qualify for a high-risk operation, the European PSD2 legislation provides the possibility of activating exemptions in order to ensure a simplified shopping experience and a better conversion rate for shopping carts.

The RBA solution to simplify purchasing

RBA (Risk Based Authentication) is a solution that analyses in real time the risk of fraud behind transactions, and if the risk is determined as low, the exemption for TRA (Transaction Risk Analysis) is activated.

The service applies to Ecommerce transactions and is also available for the merchants that use our following plugins: Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop and Salesforce.

Merchants can find below the website pages that contain the updated documentation:

Magento 2





The latest versions of the plugins containing modifications are all downloadable from the respective marketplaces. In case of Salesforce, however, the updated package must be downloaded from the Salesforce page of our website.


At the moment the service is not available for the Axerve Pay by Link service.

How to take advantage of the exemptions

Complete transactions data (such as transaction details, delivery address, etc.) and the customer data (e.g. transaction's beneficiary, location of the buyer, billing address, etc.) must be transmitted to the payment gateway. For this purpose, the enhancement of some fields, previously optional and now fundamental for the activation of the exemption is required.

Information on the shipping and billing address must always be completed. If the shipping address is not available, this field must be the same as the billing address (for example when products are services).

Detail of the necessary fields

The integration of the required fields differs by connection method (between SOAP API with PAGAM page and Server-to-Server and REST API). Check the dedicated API sectionapi link to delve in.

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