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Integration types

Integration types

The Axerve Ecommerce Solutions gateway offers 4 integration types:

  • Standard payment page (Pagam)
    The standard payment page can be customised with your company logo and allows you to choose which payment methods to make available to the customers (for example, credit and debit cards, MyBank, etc.)

  • Customised payment page (hidden iFrame)
    The ideal solution for those who want to create a payment page in tune with the Ecommerce graphics and user experience.

  • Lightbox
    It is the newest integration introduced by Axerve and allows to show the payment page as a pop-up on the website.

  • Server-to-Server
    The best solution for those who need to integrate gateway services in largest and most complex contexts. It can be very useful, for example, to ease communications between payment and management services.

To facilitate the connection between gateway and Ecommerce, Axerve offers the possibility to install plugins for the main CMSs available on the market. Visit the page dedicated to Plugins to learn more.

Please see the following chapters to learn more about each integration method.

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