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Webmoney WebMoney


WebMoney is an online payment method that allows you to exchange money with other users and WebMoney sellers.

The maximum payable amount by a customer for WebMoney is:




depends on client’s WM purse

How does it work for the user?

  • The customer logs in to their WebMoney Transfer account by entering the login data. The login data can be one between WMID (WebMoney ID), email address, or phone number.

  • If for the same phone number (or email address) there are more than one WMID, the website will ask to chose one.

  • The customer can then confirm the operation by:

    • receiving an SMS on their phone

    • receiving a code using the E-num application installed on their mobile device

  • If the user chooses the E-num application, they need to open the app and scan a QR-code shown on the payment page.

  • Once completed, the user can see the transaction details and return to the merchant’s website.

How do I enable and use WebMoney on Axerve Ecommerce Solutions?

Contact Axerve customer support to setup WebMoney and Axerve Ecommerce Solutions. This process requires 4/5 business days.

If you want to use the paymentType tag for this method, the value to use is S2PWMO. See the section How to redirect the customer to a payment method to learn how to use the paymentType tag.

An example call is available in the API: WebMoney Example callapi link.

WebMoney and Test Environment


There is no test data for this payment method, but you can see how it works from the description above.

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