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WeChat Pay WeChat Pay


WeChat Payexternal link is a digital wallet service incorporated into WeChat, which allows users to perform mobile payments and send money between contacts. Every WeChat user has their own WeChat Payment account. Users can acquire a balance by linking their WeChat account to their debit card, or by receiving money from other users. Users who link their credit card can only make payments to vendors, and cannot use this to top up tthe WeChat balance. WeChat Pay can be used for digital payments, as well as payments from participating merchants, in this scenario the payment happens via QR Code.


WeChat Pay supports major currencies including but not limited to GBP, HKD, USD, JPY, CAD, AUD, EUR, NZD, KRW.

How does it work for the user?

  • The user is redirected to the WeChat payment page.

  • The customer opens the WeChat app and scans the QR code.

  • The payment details are displayed and the customer confirms by using the payment password.

  • The payment is confirmed.

How to enable WeChat Pay in Axerve Ecommerce Solutions

Contact our customer support to enable WeChat in your Axerve Ecommerce Solutions account.

If you want to use the paymentType tag for this method, the value to use is WECHAT. See the section How to redirect the customer to a payment method to learn how to use the paymentType tag.

An example call is available in the API: WeChat Example callapi link.

How to test WeChat


WeChat does not have any test data to use; but you can see how it works with the payment flow above.