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Payments/Obtaining the Exchange Rates

Obtaining the Exchange Rates 


callExchangeRateS2Sapi link is a webservice method used to retrieve the exchange rates of the last 7 days starting from today (included).

The rates provided by this method are those used for crediting the transactions in the EUR bank account of the merchant. They are meaningful for those merchants who process transactions in different currencies.

By dividing the amount in the original currency for the appropriate exchange rate, a merchant can know the exact EUR amount credited for that transaction in the corresponding date.

This method will receive in input the following parameters:

  • shopLogin (mandatory)

  • uicCode (optional)

  • isoCode (optional)

  • numericIsoCode (optional)

The shopLogin is required and will be used to check if the merchant is enabled to use the service.

The three parameters uicCodeisoCode and numericIsoCode are individually optional, but you must use at least one. The possibilities are:

  1. If you set no parameters, the service will return the error Unspecified Currency (Error Code 1166)

  2. If there’s only one parameter, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will search for this code. Possible outputs:

    • The code is recognized: the method will answer with the exchange rates of the last 7 days

    • The code is not recognized: the method will answer with an error message, that can be Exchange rates not available for the requested currency (Error code 1167) or Invalid currency code (Error code 1111).

  3. If more than one parameter is specified:

    • if the code doesn’t have an exchange rate, Exchange rates not available for the requested currency (Error code 1167)

    • if codes aren’t homogeneous: Inconsistent currency codes (Error Code 1168)

    • If the codes are wrong: Invalid currency code (Error code 1111)

    • Else, the codes are found, and the exchange rates for the last 7 days are returned.

For a formal specification of the webservice, and to see the input and ouput parameters, check out the APIapi link.

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