Gestpay becomes Axerve Ecommerce Solutions

Axerve as a Payment Gateway

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions does not only give you the ability to accept credit cards; you will also be able to see and manage all other configured payment methods.

One configuration, one dashboard, many integrations.

Here are the possible integrations that you can handle easily:

Note: some of these payment methods require a Professional or Enterprise plan.


You can request the activation of an alternative payments contacting the Customer support.

How to redirect the customer to a Payment Method

How Axerve Ecommerce Solutions chooses the payment method depends on the following algorithm. The highest rule is selected:

  1. Per request. If the paymentType parameter is present in the Encrypt request, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will determine the payment method based on the content.
    • if only one paymentType is present, the user is redirected automatically to that payment method;
    • if more than one paymentType is present in the Encrypt request, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will redirect to the default payment page where the user can select the preferred payment method amongst the ones sent.
  2. By configuration in the Merchant Back-office. If no paymentType is sent with the Encrypt request, the configuration of which payment method to choose is taken from Payment Page > Payment Systems, where you can see the complete list. Again,
    • if only one payment method is selected in the list, the user will be immediately redirected there;
    • if more than one payment method is active, the user will see a page where he can choose a payment method amongst the ones that have been activated.

Setting the alternative payments per request

Alternative payment services can be used only from Axerve Ecommerce Solutions payment page, but if needed the paymentType tag can be used to have a frictionless payment directly to the selected payment method.

After the activation from the customer support, all you have to do is to send the right data to Axerve Ecommerce Solutions via the Encrypt webservice.

We encourage you to see the API examples to integrate alternative payments easily.

Axerve merchants can be enabled to a growing set of payment methods. When a buyer is redirected to the payment page of Axerve Ecommerce Solutions, it will be requested to choose one payment method among all those available.

Merchants might want to offer this choice to their buyers directly on their web sites, before sending them to Axerve Ecommerce Solutions.

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions provides a way for merchants to dinamically define which payment methods must be displayed for each transaction.

When calling Encrypt method of WsCryptDecrypt web service, merchants can declare the list of the payment methods that Axerve Ecommerce Solutions must show to the buyer for that transaction.

In order to do that, merchants must properly set the tag paymentType that can be repeated as many times as needed, inside the tag paymentTypes (with a final “s”).

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will then propose to the buyer the choice among those payment methods.

If only one value was set for paymentType, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will propose no choice, and it will directly show that payment method to the buyer.

If no paymentType is specified by the merchant, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will display the payment methods accordingly to the default configuration set by the merchant in the dedicated section of Merchant Back Office.

The values that can be used for paymentType tag are the following:

PaymentType Description
S2PALI Alipay
BANCONTACT Bancontact / Mister Cash
BON Bank Transfer (only for Banca Sella users)
S2PCRU CardsRussia
COMPASS Compass C-Pay
S2PGIR Giropay
S2PKON Konbini
S2PMER MercadoPago
S2PMUL Multibanco
S2PSOF Pay Now
S2PPSC Paysafecard
PRZELEWY24 Przelewy24
SEPADD SEPA Direct Debit
CONSEL Sella Personal Credit
S2PUNI UnionPay
S2PWMO WebMoney
S2PYAN Yandex

As an example, in order to show only Credit Card option to its buyers, a merchant should call Encrypt method of WsCryptDecrypt web service including the following XML tag:


Or, in order to offer only PayPal payment method, it should use the following tag:


Using Payment Types feature described above, in case of third-party payment methods, merchants can hide the presence of Axerve Ecommerce Solutions, so that the buyers can experience to be directly redirected by the merchant to the third party.

Merchants, indeed, will continue to redirect buyers to Axerve Ecommerce Solutions payment page, but when Axerve Ecommerce Solutions finds that only one payment method is available for that transaction, it will send the buyer to that option without displaying any user interface.

If, for instance, the merchant sets <paymentType>PAYPAL</paymentType>, when the buyer reaches Axerve Ecommerce Solutions payment page, it is immediately redirected to PayPal, and its experience will be to have reached PayPal from the merchant’s site.

Select your desired payment methods from the menu to see how to enable, configure and interact with them.

Setting the alternative payments in the Merchant Back-Office

If you don’t specify any paymentTypes in the Encryptrequest, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions acts as defined in the Merchant Back-office configuration.

Greyed payment methods are not active for the merchant, you have to ask the Customer Care to activate them.

Payment methods in blue are active and can be shown or hidden to the user.

In the image above, UnionPay and Yandex are not active, while Credit Card and PayPal are active. However, PayPal is not shown to the user. You can still accept PayPal payments setting the right paymentType in the Encrypt request.