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Click to Pay Click to Pay (Mastercard)


Documentation for the activation of Mastercard's Click to Pay alternative payment method

Mastercard's Click to Pay is the alternative payment method to pay with a click. This document contains the necessary instructions to integrate and activate the service on Fabrick's payment gateway

Preliminary requirements

To start the activation process, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a signed Ecommerce contract with Fabrick (or Axerve).

  • Be integrated with one of the following gateway solutions: PAGAM or LightBox.

  • Have a Mastercard account on which to test, with dedicated access to their testing environment, independent from Fabrick (or Axerve).


No transactions will be charged in the production environment.

Steps for integration

1. Using Click to Pay with Fabrick (or Axerve).

To integrate Click to Pay, simply use the integration of the hosted PAGAM payment page, Axerve (or Fabrick) and Banca Sella as acquirer.

2. Configuration and testing

Testing for this payment method is done in Fabrick's (or Axerve's) proprietary environment, following activation of the payment method in the sandbox environment. For more detailed information on configuration and testing, you should contact technical supportexternal link.

3. Payment method specifications

Transactions made with Click to Pay are distinguished by the value "CREDITCARD" of the paymentType tag, found in the transaction detail retrieval API and in the payment reports set by merchant dashboard.

4. Activation in production

Once you have completed all integration testing in the development environment, you can request activation of the payment method on your own production account by contacting technical supportexternal link.