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Documentation for the activation of the FabrickPass alternative payment method via Axerve

FabrickPass is the alternative payment method which, with the offer of a single solution, enables Ecommerce to receive credit transfers without the need for PSD2 regulation certification. How can the service be used? This page contains the necessary instructions for the integration and activation of the PISP service through the use of Axerve as payment gateway.


To start the activation process, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A signed Ecommerce contract with Axerve

  • An open and eligible account with Banca Sella


FabrickPass is available exclusively for companies with registered offices in Italy.

Activation process

1. Testing and certification

  1. Use the test environment provided by Axerve to verify integration

  2. Carry out trial payments to ensure the lack of any anomalies

2. Axerve integration

  1. Send an email requesting activation of the FabrickPass payment method to the address provided in the dedicated area. If more than one shopLogin is available, enter which one you wish to activate the functionality for

  2. Wait for the email containing the onboarding link provided by Axerve with a redirect to Fabrick, in which you will be asked to enter information about the Ecommerce and proceed with the account activation

  3. Enter the required configuration information

  4. Start using FabrickPass

3. Fields to include in the FabrickPass call                               

Before making the call to FabrickPass, you must ensure that the following mandatory fields are correctly included in the payload. It is essential to remember that the maximum length of the call must be 120 characters. The following fields are required to ensure the correct processing of the transaction:

1"OrderDetails": {
2    "BankTransferDescription": "{{BankTransferDescription}}",
3    "ProviderPaymentDetails": {
4        "Method": "{{FabrickPassProviderMethod}}",
  1. BankTransferDescription: This field must contain a detailed description of the transaction. It is essential to provide clear and complete information to facilitate the correct identification of the order.

  2. ProviderPaymentDetails: This field contains the specific details of the provider's payment.

  3. Method: the field representing the payment method and which must be set using the value provided by FabrickPass to identify the payment processing method.

It is important to note that additional fields may be required to be included under ProviderPaymentDetails as a result of specifications provided by FabrickPass in order for the service to function properly.

Bisogna inoltre assicurarsi di sostituire le variabili di inserimento (ad esempio, {{BankTransferDescription}} e {{FabrickPassProviderMethod}}) con i valori effettivi durante la creazione della chiamata. Also, please be sure to replace the input variables (e.g. {{BankTransferDescription}} and {{FabrickPassProviderMethod}}) with the actual values when creating the call.

These details are essential to ensure a smooth transaction via FabrickPass using Axerve as the payment gateway.

For further information or technical support, please consult the complete Fabrick APIexternal link documentation or contact technical supportexternal link.